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Thread: Kitchen faucet

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    Kitchen faucet

    We're going to remodel our kitchen.

    Any ideas for a hardworking kitchen faucet that is also great for entertaining guests?

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    Check out kitchen faucets in the semiprofessional categories.

    Semiprofessional faucets are designed for residential kitchens and inspired by the restaurant industry with similar working features. Some of my favorite semiprofessional kitchen faucet features can include:

    — A high arching pulldown spring supported spray spout that can be moved in any direction

    — A multifunctional spray head that can include sweep wash settings for easier sink cleaning

    — A magnetic docking port to secure the spout assembly in place

    As a bonus fixture, you might want to also get a professional-looking countertop touchless soap dispenser to complement the clean, modern look of your new semipro kitchen faucet.

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