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Thread: Cast-iron shower base

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    Cast-iron shower base

    We're planning a tile shower stall complete with a tile floor.
    I like the idea of a one-piece cast-iron floor with no grout.

    Can I combine a cast-iron shower base with wall tiles?

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    Custom tile-in shower pans usually have the advantage of being flexible when it comes to odd shapes and sizes. So if your shower stall is going to be an uncommon size and/or shape, a custom-built shower pan with a tile floor may be your best option.

    However, if your shower footprint size and shape is a standard type, chances are you can find a cast-iron base to fit the stall. If so, a one-piece cast-iron shower base can be put in place, piped in and you'll be ready to go.

    The good news is new cast-iron shower bases are now available in many different textures and colors that can match most wall and ceiling tiles.

    Bottom line: For standard-size tile shower stalls, a cast-iron base can be a nice choice for your shower bottom.

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