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Thread: Dual-flush toilets

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    Dual-flush toilets

    I want to install a new "water-saving" toilet.
    I like the "dual-flush" model concept with lighter flushes for liquids/light TP and standard flushes for solids.

    Can you please give me some dual-flush toilet tips?

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    With a dual-flush toilet, users have a little more control on how the toilet distributes flushing water. From what I've seen, a dual-flush toilet is considered a water-saving toilet because they do offer a highly efficient lighter flushing choice. Like any toilet, check and meet all local plumbing codes before you purchase and install.

    As far as choosing the type of dual-flush toilet that may be a good replacement choice for you, I've worked with a few types:

    Manual tower-flush - This model usually has two manual push flushing buttons located on top of the toilet tank lid.

    Electronic-flush - Found in many hi-tech toilets, these models can use electronically controlled pumps to set flushing durations.

    Manual dual-lever flushing - With one 2-stage lever on the side of the tank, choose full or reduced flushing on the same control mechanism, now that's a clever-lever!
    Click image for larger version. 

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