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Thread: Farm-style sink

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    Farm-style sink

    I want to include a farm-style sink in my new kitchen plans mainly because of how pretty they are.

    But I feel guilty spending extra money on cosmetics.

    Do farmer sinks offer any real working advantages along with beauty?

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    Farmhouse or apron-front kitchen sinks, can be as strong and hard-working as they are delicate looking and dazzling. It's also a versatile sink with a lot of installation options, material choices, and features.

    With all this, I can also tell you from my experience that farmhouse sinks do offer working advantages that can help out with your kitchen tasks.

    First, they are usually deeper sinks with an over-sized single bowl design. This really helps when washing or filling larger pots and pans. Next, the exposed apron front can actually work like a drip edge to help divert spills away from the cabinets below. Finally, since a farmhouse kitchen sink is usually installed a little more forward than a standard drop-in sink, it can be easier to reach into the sink.

    So, no need to feel guilty about this plumbing pleasure, a farmer sink can help you with kitchen chores till the cows come home!

    Click image for larger version. 

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