A sliding door gives your home a classy look as well as fills your house with natural sunlight and you also get fresh air circulation at your home. Sliding is good for you but a bad or broken door can be harmful for you. So to make sure of your privacy and safety always check if the doors are working safely and properly. If you find out your doors are not working perfectly, repair your glass door. In this article we will discuss some tips that you follow for your sliding glass door repair.
Actually mud, dirt, hair and other fur store in the track and groove, which refuses to glide and the door did not prevent smooth motion. So to get a perfectly working door, clean the track and the roller of the door.

Take off your doors from the track;

First, discover the roller adjustment screws and turn the screws by using a screwdriver. This will help you to make the door remove from the track. Remove the first door then remove the second.

Examine the rollers:

Put the door on a sawhorses to access easily the rollers from the bottom. If you find that they are damaged, then you should contact the glass door repair service provider and replace the door. If they are dirty, then clean them with denatured alcohol. You can also use oil by using a silicone spray.

Replaced the clean rollers:

Then adjust the screw with an access hole with a hammer and a wood to block the prevent damage by the wheels. When they are placed properly, disavow the rollers as soon as possible.

Clean your tracks:

As you clean the rollers, clean the tracks with alcohol and then spray with silicone. Vacuum all the darts from the bottom of the track, then clean by using alcohol. If you want to grease the tracks, you can rub it a few times with paraffin wax (a block) instead of silicon. Because paraffin is more essential and also holds up to wear and also tear the track bottom tends to take.

Reinstall the door:

Place the door in the bottom track and tilt it up. First stop the head for reattach, otherwise they could fall out. Roll the door towards the latch side jamb, and then adjust the screws they parallel with the jamb.

Reasons of fix the door

When you see you door does not work correctly, the main reasons behind this are alignment problems, broken latches, torn screens, shattered glass and a bad or broken seal.


To free from these sliding door problems you must buy the quality products that not only last longer but also stand up to more tear and wear. If you feel the frame is not find then contact with the best glass door repair service man or sliding glass door repairs service centre near you for an ultimate glass door. Otherwise if you are good in home improvement skills then you should also replace the door by follow the steps.