Consider Getting Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboards will bring out the kid inside you! Chalkboard paint is an excellent way to add a playful element to your home office. You can even put a chalkboard sticker that is readily available in stores.
This paint will allow you to put up your whole to-do list and reminders with more visibility.
Use Wood Accessories

Have you considered using some wood accents around your workspace? The best part about using wood accents is that they are so neutral. They work like a charm to add style and elegance to the place.
You can use wood bookshelves, stationary stands, photo frames, and many more elements. With wood, you can go all modern and rustic at the same time!
Add a Touch of Greenery

Adding pots and plans is not only a stylish home office design, but it is also a sign of positivity. Rely on nature to set the vibe of your home office. You can bring home both artificial or real succulents. You can also choose air purifying snake and spider plants.
Bottom Line

Take a cue from these stylish home office ideas and add some life to your home office. Moreover, a stylized and engaging home office can also set the right working vibe. Try to add elements that communicate with you!