The importance of space and mobility in work environments

There are multiple factors that affect your performance in a work environment. Besides ergonomics – the relationship between the user and the furniture – it is also important to consider space and mobility. But why are these factors important?
According to office ergonomics, it is highly recommended for you to have enough space to move around every certain period to avoid sitting for prolonged periods. Otherwise, you may be at risk of developing health conditions, such as back and neck pain. If you don't treat these in time, you may suffer from worse conditions in the long term.

Are office pods good for ergonomics?

As mentioned above, office pods for the garden allow you enough space to work in and move around with freedom. Thus, you can assume they are good for ergonomics despite being reduced in size (at least some models).
Of course, there are many ways you can use to enhance the ergonomics of the area, such as including an office plant or selecting the right office chair for your new office environment.
Remember that you can improve your performance at work if you make yourself as comfortable as possible.