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Thread: Space-saving ideas for small bathrooms

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    Space-saving ideas for small bathrooms

    I'm remodeling my small bathroom and need to save space in the sink and toilet areas as well.

    Any space-saving ideas for those fixtures?

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    To open up smaller bathrooms, an exposed shower stall can be visually appealing. Exposed stalls can have a transparent glass panel installed in place of an alcove side wall. This may visually open up the shower area.

    Now let's move on to saving space in the lavatory sink and toilet areas.

    For the sink, I recommend a wall-hung vanity or simply a wall-hung lav sink with finished chrome piping. A wall-hung sink should open up more space, but if storage is a priority, wall-mounted vanities can be a nice compromise.

    Same idea for the toilet area — if possible, go with a wall-hung toilet to open up some more space. Some wall-hung toilets even have concealed toilet tanks that are installed inside the wall.

    Bottom line: To create a little more open space in a smaller bathroom, don't try thinking off the wall — the trick is to think on the wall when installing sinks and toilets.

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