There are numerous types of office layout, and they're all prominently used based on the needs of the workplace. Keep reading to find out which one is yours!


A "cellular" office plan refers to a layout where the entire floor is separated into smaller spaces meant to be used individually by teams. We can say that, although they are partially open, all employees are provided with enough privacy to carry on with their daily tasks comfortably.
This is a classic office type that is seen at most workplaces. Excellent examples of this are cubicles, although ceiling stud partitions are also prominently used.
This is one of the most popular types of office layout designs due to its cost-effectiveness and because it encourages the employees to work efficiently and become more productive as each one has an individual space where no one will interrupt what they're doing.

Open-plan office

Open-plan offices have become hugely popular modern office design in the latest years. Like the previous option, they are even more cost-effective and an excellent way to start a small business.
All the workstations are placed in the same room. Therefore, camaraderie and teamwork are encouraged, although some employees may find it hard to work in a noisy, crowded environment (it is inevitable).
One of the main aspects that an employer must take into account while considering an open-plan office for their workplace is the need for separate areas where the person can have more privacy or a break whenever they need it or is allowed.