While you were on the latest desk hunt, you might have heard about the different types of desks that you must try. Manufacturers sell all kinds of desks made of different materials, but the right choice depends on your final use. While there are many desks buying guides and tons of amazing standing desks for maximum comfort, in the market, learning about various types of desks helps you make the right pick.
Even if you are opting for a DIY desk or buying an already made one, there are two components, the desk frame and the desktop. The desk top plays a vital role in keeping the work surface clean, easy to manage, and comfortable.

Easy to Paint

You never know when you need to experiment with the workstation at home or even at the office. MDF gives you an option to paint the desks easily over and over. This is because it doesn't have a visible grain, making the painting job much easier than a wooden desk.

Ideal for Drawers and Doors

If you are making a DIY desk and want enough storage space, you might be in hot waters for draining all of your savings on raw materials. However, a wooden tabletop, MDF desk cabinet, and a drawer will give you a lot more savings on the entire project. And a plus point? MDF is waterproof too.

Long Life

The long life of a work desk or any furniture depends on two factors, the construction material and the type of material used. If a piece of furniture isn't prone to insects such as termites, then it will make you spend years enjoying working on it. This is a great benefit with MDF desk tops. They are highly insect repellants.
MDF is coated with pest-repellent compounds throughout the production process. Termites, for example, may swiftly eat away at wood and cause it to disintegrate with the slightest provocation.