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Thread: A toilet of a different color

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    A toilet of a different color

    I have a toilet from the 1970s I have to replace, and the color has been discontinued.

    The sink and tub are also the same color as the toilet but will stay in place.

    My problem is I cannot find a new toilet that matches my color. Any ideas?

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    The 1970s did have wild toilet colors. Some of my favorite classic '70s plumbing fixture colors were: pink champagne, avocado, sunflower, blueberry, espresso and peachblow. But while fun, these colors can be dated and tough to match. For instance, you don't see many new peachblow toilets.

    Anyway, let's get back to choosing a toilet that could work with your existing sink/tub color. I say when in doubt, go with a white toilet. A white toilet color is forgiving because we see so many of them in private and public restrooms. Basic white toilets can blend in with many older bathrooms, even when the sink/tub are a different color.

    Finally, find a decorative object that matches the sink/tub color and place it on the new white toilet tank for a nice transition.

    Or, just add a shag rug toilet seat lid if you really want that '70s feel!

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