We have provided the best cross-legged chairs to make your sitting comfortable without inviting pain in long term:

1. ErgoChair Core
ErgoChair Core is one of the top picks for cross-legged sitting. You can easily adjust the height, headrest, seat tilt, leg rest, and armrest. In addition, it contains a highly comfortable foam seat. While with its reclinable mesh back and lumbar support, you can sit cross-legged without jeopardizing your body.

2. ErgoChair Pro
The ErgoChair Pro is one of the best back and hip support ergonomic chairs. The chair has flexible lumbar support with a great recline with 5 different lockable positions to support your body while sitting cross-legged.

3. ErgoChair Pro+
The ErgoChair Pro+ structure allows better movements for cross-legged sitting. It has an adjustable design, frameless construction, natural mobility, and superior spinal support for maintaining higher comfort.

4. Sadie Swivel Mid Back Mesh Task Chair
Sadie makes the most comfortable chair for cross-legged sitting style. It has a great swivel, sculpted arms supporting shoulders and upper body. With its adjustable height seating, you can easily rest your legs on the ground.

5. Eurotech Ergohuman High Back Chair
Eurotech Ergohuman High Back Chair has a forward tilting seat that works miracles for sitting crossed-legged. This chair allows legs to rest on the surface, even cross-legged, reducing the amount of force you put on your legs to stay on that region. While using this chair, you can easily sit for 8 hours without any gap.
The above guide is everything an office worker must know while sitting cross-legged. Whether working from the office or home, your sitting posture will determine your future health, so invest in good ergonomic chairs for sitting cross-legged without jeopardizing your body.