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Thread: Old England Kitchen

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    Old England Kitchen

    This kitchen has all the British savour of afternoon tea, double-decker buses, crimson telephone booths, a love of tradition and a taste for the eccentric: this is a kitchen that evokes all that is typical of the English country style. At the same time elegant and unconventional, refined but comfortably informal, this is a kitchen to make you feel at home: just as cosy for a couple of newlyweds or a family with a bunch of children round the kitchen table. The Old England style has an authentic atmosphere, a flexible layout, cleverly designed with a pleasing composition and choice of materials. What better end to a busy day than to come home to a refined but welcoming kitchen with its unmistakably English style… a pleasant balance between the modern and traditional.
    The cabinets are made from block board, while the doors and drawers are in solid wood; a charming colour scheme: soft tones in glossy English white with luxury detailing like the antiqued brass handles. Another elegant touch is the cooker hob set in an alcove niche, with its stainless steel top and refined gilded detailing, perfectly in harmony with the charming wooden hood that brings back childhood memories of cosy winter afternoons beside the stove with a hot cup of tea and home-made biscuits. A layout created with a mix of spacious cabinets and open shelving where accessories and favourite pieces are attractively displayed... like the dishes in the dresser with the lift-up front, and the myriad of different drawers and cabinets. The cabinets are set off to perfection by the spacious counter tops in small stone tiles or Carrara marble, ready for preparing a favourite home-made recipe.
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    The kitchen concept is modular and freestyle.

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    If I had the time and finances to build that kitchen it would be great. It reminds me of a Spanish villa with the adobe-style walls and worn-in cabinets and tables.

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    I think that's really charming - I especially like the hutch. I imagine a happy family lives there.

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