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Thread: SCM – DMC Wide Belt Sander – Unisand K

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    SCM – DMC Wide Belt Sander – Unisand K

    For a limited time, we have been authorized by SCM to sell a limited quantity of Unisand K Wide Belt Sanders below list price!

    NEW Unisand K Wide Belt Sander
    . . . . . $182,000 $161,900
    Price includes installation and training. Delivery is Not included.
    UNISAND K RRS Designed for customer who need the capability to run multiple shifts, the DMC Unisand K is perfect for calibrating solid wood, removing cross grain with orbital pads or sanding exotic veneers. Configured for solid wood, veneer and sealer sanding applications.

    The welded machine base
    guarantees the maximum
    structural stability, even under
    heavy-duty operating conditions

    The heavy-duty
    frame supporting
    the working unit
    guarantees top
    stability and
    precision on all
    types of application

    • Large (155 mm) diameter tensioning roller for the abrasive belt.
    • Large124 mm diameter tensioning roller for the chevron belt.
    • “EPICS” electronic sectional pad with extra large contact area (110 mm)
    • Working pressure adjustment from PC

    Major Features
    • 3 head configuration
    • 1350 mm width (53”)
    • Application: Solid Wood, Veneer, Sealer
    • 1st Unit: 250 mm 85 shore calibrating roller 42 HP
    • 2nd Unit :320 mm 55 shore sanding roller 25 HP Inverter 2-18 mps
    • 3rd Unit: Super-finish Pad (30 mm EPICS electronic sectional pad)
    • 25 HP Inverter 2-18 mps
    • Vacuum table 10 HP
    • Constant Pass Line
    • Abrasive belt blowers on all 3 heads
    • 5 roller in feed / out feed table
    • Office PC for programming and machine settings
    • Scotch-Brite Brush
    • Panel cleaning blower at out-feed of machine
    Primary Specifications
    • Material Thickness min-max 4 – 200 mm (.157” -7.87”)
    • Standard Belt Length 2,620 mm (103”)
    • Pad Width 110 mm (4.3”)
    • Feed Speed Range 3.5 – 18 M/min (12 – 60 ft/min )
    For more information, contact First Choice Industrial
    Phone: 678.642.9722 or email sales@firstchoiceind.net

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    who say no to a product that comes at a best affordable range at the same time equipped with amazing features. but lets not dive into online offers and get tricked so easily. we need to make sure several factors before choosing the particular product that is going to serve us for decades , same goes for belt sander. not to boast belt sanders are the best multiuse tools help yo to brushes up the artistic woodworking skills. with the help of this best belt sander one can give shaping and finishing to the wood and other materials. without a much argument Belt Sandler is the best option for powerful and large amounts of material which can last as long as 12-18 months and even more in some cases. Belt Sandler can also be a true rescuer when it comes to a removing paints or finishes from wood.

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