Here you will find an enormous selection of executive office chairs, as well as ergonomic, desk, computer, stacking and reception seating to fit every budget. The hundreds of choices we offer here will enable you to match your precise style, taste and physical needs, with our eyes focused on your particular preferences at every turn. But please consider this: you might spend more time in your chair during the work week than you spend in your bed! This is a startling consideration when you recognize how parsimonious (cheap) we can be when it comes to purchasing such an important product. Your office chair can determine whether you leave work more relaxed, or as often happens, with increased back strain and thus more stress moving from your aching sacroiliac down your legs, up your back and around your neck. That's Headache City!
Sitting without good ergonomics for long periods of time is not healthy, but you are here looking at chairs, most of which are suprisingly reasonably priced, and all of which are bargains at any price when it comes to helping you to greater comfort and back-health. Your decision to search for a solution, a preventive approach to the chronic back problems that plague those of us who spend so much time in our office is a first step.
We encourage you to take your time, shop around at any sites, consider going into a local retail store to "try before you buy." A Good Chair leads to more than comfort; the right chair can increase your productivity, whether your work in a home office or commercial building. Office Star and Leda are among the leading manufacturers with whom we work. And our manufacturing partners will ship their superb seating directly to your home or office.
And if we might toot our own horn, and that of all reputable Internet sellers everywhere. We on the web will always be able to save you money, while still providing you with very decent person-to-person customer service. We and our Internet competitors are all able to avoid the "I" word, the "R" word and the "P" word, which so plagues our brethren out there in the retail world of brick and market stores. "I:" we carry no inventory, and do not bear this burdensome expense which must be included in our price. "R:" we do not have to pay for expensive retail RENTAL, another add-on that you will not see in our price. And finally "P:" You don't have to search for a PARKING spot when you shop at our store. You just pick up the phone, or type in your order online, and voila! Your product is on the way, shipped factory direct to you, and usually in a matter of days.
Feel free to call us during business hours with any question, request or assistance that you need. All our systems are set up to assure the total confidentiality and protection of your personal information, and our hand-picked staff in our own office in Florida (not outsourced) are product specialists in their own right who can help you with your phone inquiries.
We deliver the best brand name office chair factory-direct nationwide, including office chairs to Los Angeles, San Diego, New York, New York, San Francisco, San Antonio, San Jose, Houston, Manhattan and Chicago.