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La Collina Sofa by Pauline Junglas for Bretz

La Collina Sofa by Pauline Junglas for Bretz

I love the hustle and bustle of life in the city. Most of the time. I can even see the good side of having to wait for the train: I finally get a moment to enjoy my coffee-to-go! But if – now and again – I feel overwhelmed, I’ve always got her: La Collina. I let myself go, sink right down, breathe real deep. I let myself be swayed by the soft rhythms and the world outside is suddenly quite still.

Facts & features:

- A traditional, flowing form – reimagined

- A lofty, curvilinear backrest creates a silhouette all its own

- Ideal for combining into an individual seating arrangement

- Long seat cushions are perfect for lounging or sleeping

- Removable seat cushions

about the manufacturer
name: Bretz ( Germany )
profile: visit website

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