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Maralunga sofa

Maralunga sofa

Cassina presents the Maralunga sofa, designed by Vico Magistretti in 1973, with a 35% wider and 10% deeper seat.

Maralunga Maxi, also available in the classic version and the 40th anniversary edition with stitching around its profile, is pure temptation, an invitation to take the weight off your feet, lie back and relax into its even softer and more welcoming form.

The continuous development of this best seller, often imitated but never equaled, enables it to consolidate its reputation as a market leader.

Carried out in close collaboration with the Magistretti Foundation, this reinterpretation underlines the importance of adapting to the world in which we live where everyday needs have changed. 

about the manufacturer
name: Cassina ( Italy )
profile: visit website

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