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  1. How to find the best sofa for your space

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ID:	11356For many, a sofa is a once-in-a-lifetime purchase, or it's at least a purchase homeowners don't want to have to make on a frequent basis. In most cases, a sofa's longevity and quality relates to how it's made.

    Construction tips

    Sofas can be made by machine or by hand. Depending on its usage, how a sofa is made, may be a key factor in how long it lasts. In general, nothing beats all hardwood construction. A sofa constructed of low-grade wood ...
  2. 5 Ways To Prepare Your Home For A Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

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ID:	10833Nowadays, using a professional carpet cleaning service is no longer as casual as you might think. Most people think that there is little need for the service beyond the first or second visit. However, this is not always true. What if you happen to have a lot of carpets? Merely calling the service once or twice for a thorough cleaning won’t really do.

    Ultimately, you need to make sure that you get the most out of every visit. It is as simple as that. Be ...
  3. How to Keep Your Old Furniture in Tip Top Condition

    If you’re part of generation Y like myself, then you’re probably big into the environmental decorating trend. Whether that be surrounding yourself with succulents, renting a teeny tiny abode to reduce waste and increase savings or by not spending big on new furniture items, instead choosing to bring new life to old family favourites or spending less on used pieces and bringing them back to life. Here’s how to do all that without compromising the look of your old furniture pieces.

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  4. Anyone can make a large round ottoman

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    You need to be able to sew, staple and handle a few tools, but it's actually rather easy to build your own ottoman.

    Keep in mind, I have Donna's book called "Decorating Sewlutions: Learn to Sew as You Decorate Your Home" (Windsor Oak Publishing, $26.99), available on website


    - From the Fabric Store:

    - Decorator fabric, 1 1/4 yards of 54-inch-wide fabric
  5. 10 Amazing Sofas

    1. Nubola Sofa, design: Gaetano Pesce from Meritalia

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    Nubola is a solid, comfortable and soft sofa which can be easily recognized by dimension and functionality. It is fraught of big coloured buttons. The sofa seems to be created from a cloud. Its own solid and steady form of a common sofa changes, moulds, bellies out with the same texture of the air which is prisoner of various textile ...
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  6. “And…It Doesn’t Require Watering.”

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    Everyday we hear or see the now infamous slogan “Go Green.”

    “Go Green” has now become the world’s mantra for all of us to take personal responsibility for our earth’s environment. From recycling our plastic bottles to driving a hybrid most of us have consciously made decisions to help the environmental movement in one way or another.

    But what about the ways we can “Go Green” that we never thought of? Today, I am writing about ...
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