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Huge Mistakes When Moving Furniture

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Moving furniture should make you at least a little bit anxious. This is especially the case if you decide to move everything alone. The truth is there is a pretty good possibility you will make mistakes because you are not a professional and you do not really know what you have to do to safely transport furniture. Also, if you decide to do everything alone, without the professional mover, if items are lost or damaged, you are the one that covers the costs.

So, letís take a quick look at the biggest mistakes you could make when you move furniture.

Not Hiring Professional Movers

I have to highlight this as the biggest mistake you could make. Here is the deal. If you do not know how to move furniture or you have doubts, the very best thing you can do is to hire a pro. This is because of 2 vital reasons:

  1. The professional movers know how to properly secure everything that is moved.
  2. The professional movers are insured so if something bad happens, you are covered.

While these 2 advantages are pretty clear, if you still decide to do it yourself, at least try to avoid the following huge mistakes.

Damaging Furniture

When your furniture is damaged, it might not be salvageable. Even if you can repair it, it will most likely be pretty costly.

In order to avoid furniture damage while moving, the best thing you can do is to plan every single one of the steps you will take. This ranges from how the furniture is lifted to the path that you choose to get out of the house. You need to clear out your path for you so that there is nothing you could stumble upon.

In some cases, you cannot move furniture through the door. If this is the case, the very best thing you could do is to disassemble items. This helps you to easily secure everything. Every single pack can be wrapped in blankets, protective plastic, or other suitable packaging supplies. This is something you simply cannot do when you have the entire assembled furniture to move.

Also, you do want to seriously consider the use of professional moving equipment. You might need ramps, dollies, and so on.

Lifting Heavy Items Alone

Never try to lift heavy items alone. Consider all the options you have and always get help. Although in most cases you do not really need professional equipment, you still need friends or family members with the very heavy items.
The big problem with lifting heavy furniture items is that you can get injured. Most people do not even have the proper technique needed to lift something heavy. Then, you can always end up damaging the furniture, or items along the way as you hit them.

Not Packaging Items

While it can be difficult to properly package furniture when whole, it is still important to protect every single item. It is a shame to see so many that do not spend money on packaging. Keep in mind that professionals will always recommend that you prepare for up to 2 months before the departure date. This is how careful you need to be.
You simply cannot skimp on protecting every single item you move. This would be the biggest mistake you would make.

Final Thoughts

Never underestimate how difficult it is to move furniture. This is especially the case when you move it to another country. So many things can go wrong so it is always a better idea to work with specialists.

If you are considering moving to New Zealand, feel free to get in touch. I will tell you everything you need to know and help you out.

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