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Interior design inspired by Canada apartments

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One very important part of moving into a new place is making it feel like your own. A large part of that process is deciding on the interior design. When all of your belongings arrive, then it is time to decide how to organize your new space. We have put together a list of interior design tips inspired by Canada apartments to help you design your new home.

Use your old furniture

Bringing furniture from your old home is always nice. It has sentimental value and you know it is going to be comfortable, and you know which pieces look good next to other pieces. Of course, it is important to take care of this furniture during the move. It is always best to leave it to skilled teams to move your furniture safely. After all, you don’t want to find that your favorite pieces of furniture were damaged during the move.

Invest in new, affordable pieces

When trying to design crate an interior design inspired by Canada apartments, it can be tempting to only use the pieces from your old home in order to save money, investing into new pieces is a good idea for interior design. Especially if these pieces are affordable, they can help bring a breath of fresh air into your new apartment. Of course, these pieces also help if you’re interested in new technology, and integrating it into your home.

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Look for versatile furniture

An excellent idea is to look for furniture pieces which can serve as multiple things. For example, desks which double as nightstands, futons, bathroom vanities with mini storages or wall-units which conceal a murphy bed. All of these are a good choice as they can fit into almost any interior design. However, experts from Professional Movers Ottawa warn that these pieces of furniture can be difficult to transport. So, while they fit in well and look good, extra care should be taken when transporting them.

Use well placed mirrors

A rather modern addition to any interior design is mirrors. Mirrors can help your space seem larger than it is by creating optical illusions. One well-placed, large mirror can serve as an eye-catching decoration by giving the interior more depth and dimension. Alternatively, using a group of small mirrors can make for a stunning accent to your interior. When put together with other reflective surfaces, they help distribute natural light, and give a broader sense of space and scale.

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Keep clutter out of sight

Clutter makes for annoying visual obstructions and eyesores. A ca be a good idea to invest in floating units such as wall mounted shelves, medicine cabinets or wall-mounted bathroom vanities in order to keep your floor mostly clear. An important part of making an interior design inspired by Canada apartments is to make sure your clutter is out of sight.

Make use of color contrasts

When trying to make the interior design of your home interesting, an interesting option is to use bold color contrasts to make the space eye catching. Particularly: neutral tones with bursts of contrasts keep the palette of your design fresh and modern. On the other hand, using dark or dramatic wallpaper often builds a feeling of luxury and intimacy. However, remember that when choosing the color palette of your home it is easy to make mistakes.

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Portable add-ons for your kitchen

To keep your kitchen neat and modern, it is worth using furniture which is easy to pull out and tuck away. Bar stools, for an example, are a great choice when trying to solve your kitchen seating, and are a particularly great choice if you’re expecting to entertain guests in your new apartment. Additionally, kitchen carts are a great solution for extra storage and counter space for both preparing and serving food.

Cover your walls with décor

Working with your wall space to make your interior look more interesting and Canada inspired is a great choice. Floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and shelving, alongside mounted electronics helps make your space look much sleeker. Also adding vertically striped wallpaper makes the space feel much taller instead of smaller.

Layer your lighting for maximum effect

Decorative lighting is an important part of making your apartment feel homelier. Adding decorative lighting such as pendant lights, chandeliers and track lights which spotlight your bookcase or wall art. Every fixture should have a function. These lighting installments help set the mood for every occasion, whether it is for your own relaxation or for preparing a party for your friends, you can’t go wrong with layered mood lighting.

Functional entryway decorations

Making use of functional furniture right by the door of your home can make you and your friends feel right at home from the moment you step inside. A sturdy rug and a shoe rack right by the door to help keep everyone’s footwear stay orderly. A coat rack which provides a convenient spot for jackets, hats, scarves and other outwear. An umbrella holder for a rainy day. If the space you are working with is more spacious, consider placing floral arrangements to make the entryway look nicer. Lastly, a floor-length mirror to make the space seem larger, and help check out your appearance before heading out.

Make the bedroom cozy

Finally, when trying to make a Canada inspired interior design, it is important to make the bedroom as cozy as possible. A pile of pillows propped up against the headboard, for a start. Then add a duvet with similar patterns for a cohesive look. Lastly, a dresser which fits the style of the room would tie it all together. If you want to make the space seem larger, hang a mirror above the dresser. And with that, you have a cozy hideaway for the end of your day.

Final word

At the end of the day, when decorating your home, it is important to keep your own preferences in mind. Even if you are trying to make an interior design inspired by Canada apartments, it is more important to make sure you feel cozy and at home in your apartment.

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