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Guide to shiping antique furniture overseas

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One of the things that makes your relocation overseas complex is how to get transport all of your belongings to your new home. Luckily for you, you donít have to execute the entire process on your own! We will help you out with this guide that includes tips on shipping antique furniture overseas. You will certainly find all of the information useful since you will get to use them in practice soon. So, just read to learn everything you need to know about shipping antique furniture overseas!

Shipping antique furniture overseas

There are several shipping methods at your disposal for shipping antique furniture. You should do some research so you can know more about the process, including cargo transportation. While it is possible to pack and transport antiques yourself, in almost all cases, experts recommend working with a professional mover or shipper who can help you properly pack your antique items. This is especially true for larger pieces of furniture, shipments of multiple pieces, and items that are particularly valuable or fragile. The majority of damage to antique items occurs as a result of improper packing. Working with professionals can significantly reduce the risk of damage due to poor packing.
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Make sure your antique furniture is packed properly in order to avoid any type of damage.

Shipping methods for shipping antique furniture overseas

As we said, there are several ways you can use in order to ship antique furniture. Read on to find out what options you have and other things you should pay attention to. From packing your antique furniture properly, to packing materials you will need and renting out a storage, we have it all covered.

Parcel shipping

If your antique items weigh less than 70lbs and measure less than 108 inches in length, youíll be able to ship them using parcel shipping services. Antique items shipped using parcel shipping services are typically packaged and labelled in individual boxes. They will be shipped using the same methods as other packagesósorted on conveyor belts and loaded and unloaded by individuals at several checkpoints throughout the shipping process. For this reason, properly packing your items for transport is critically important if you are considering parcel shipping.

Hire professional movers

When moving furniture overseas, itís often best to hire professionals like to help you transport antique furniture. Professional antique movers have the experience and equipment to properly pack and transport antique items. If you are considering hiring standard household movers, be sure to tell them about any high-value and fragile antique items so they can give you an accurate quote and arrive prepared to handle these items. When youíre vetting a professional moving team, always ask if they have experience moving or shipping antique items. Ask how these items will be packed and loaded, and read reviews carefully to assess their ability.

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Let the professionals help you transfer your antique furniture with ease!

Packing materials to protect your antique furniture

Since your antique furniture is in question, you have to be very careful when packing. Each and every item has both monetary and emotional value. So, in order to keep your belongings away from getting any kind of damage, you should prepare yourself properly. First of all, you should get enough packing supplies. If it happens that you have a large number of small items, it is a good idea to get small moving boxes. Should you get larger ones and put several items inside, the risk of having them damaged is quite high. Plastic bins are another great solution as these are both durable and waterproof. You will also need padding/cushioning material and foam wrap, as well as bands/straps and pallets.

Packing your antique furniture

Have we already mentioned how important packing is? Well, let us do it one more time. The way you pack is important because of so many reasons, one being the safety of your precious items. It's not just about the packing materials, it is also about categorizing (breakable and nonbreakable, small and big items). In order to pack the right way and avoid any trouble during transport and unpacking, later on, you should do a research and find best tips on how to pack. Especially if you are packing antique furniture. Use the packing materials to wrap and protect your items and make sure how you pack them based on their size. Also, donít forget to label the boxes!

Renting out storage unit

Renting storage is a great solution in case you have too many furniture and not enough space in your new place. Itís also a great temporary or even long-term solution if you simply donít want them in your house but still want to keep them. However, before renting one, you should think about your needs and expectations. It's very important to find units that provide special conditions if your times require it. Even if they don't, it's much better for your antique furniture to stay in climate-controlled storage due to its safety. You can control the temperature and humidity so your furniture is safe and sound.

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Storage units are great solution to store your furniture both short and long term

Finding reliable movers to move your antique furniture

As we mentioned before, hiring professional assistance when moving antique furniture is wise idea. Youíll have professionals handling your furniture so you have absolutely nothing to worry about. However, finding reliable movers should not be taken easily. You have to do a lot of research, search up the companies and make sure to ask the right questions. You donít want to let just anyone handling your items and you should make sure your requirements and needs are satisfied.

You are all set

Make sure to follow this guide and we are sure your shipping antique furniture overseas project will be successful. In short Ė make sure you get good quality packing materials and pack your items properly. Regarding transportation Ė if possible, hire the professionals to help you with this part. No one can do it better than people who do this on daily basis.

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