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Choosing furniture for a small NYC studio apartment

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Choosing furniture for a small NYC studio apartment can be a difficult thing. Lack of space requires creative thinking and some cool solutions. Donít worry we will do our best to help you when it comes to moving to your new place and furnishing it in a way that will work best for you. Interior designers came up with many great solutions for this specific problem so, let's explore some of them. Also, in some cases, if the place is really small you should consider hiring an interior designer. It's what they do. They find a way for everything to work perfectly and make your life a little bit easier.

Places for you to shop for your furniture

Make sure to research all the big furniture stores around you. Try out some smaller local ones too. You can do it online, there is no reason to run around town in search of furniture. Almost everyone has websites with pictures of furniture and prices. Also, many deliver too. IKEA for example has some great solutions for storage for a small place like your NYC studio apartment is. IKEA is a store with reasonable prices and decent quality so give them a try first. You will be surprised what you can find there. Did you know that they also have an app for your smartphone? You can simply check furniture whenever you have some extra time.

Murphy bed

The Murphy bed is one of the best inventions for small studio apartments. If you donít know what it is Ė itís a bed that you can simply put up your wall and you get all that space a bed would normally take. Itís an amazing solution. They were very expensive once, but they have reasonable space now. This can be a perfect solution for your small NYC studio apartment. If you want to store your old bed that takes too much space and other furniture for that matter you should find storage and call professional movers. They can handle everything related to transfer of your furniture.

New and creative ways to store your household items

This is something you need to do. Find some new and creative ways to store things that are in the way. Luckily others need more storage even when they live in bigger apartments so, finding furniture with extra storage space wonít be hard. Most sofas have some kind of storage underneath them. Bedside tables can be of great help if you find the appropriate one. Your walls can also be a great storage place. Bookshelves are not just for books. Find some nice and decorative boxes and store cables, and all the little things you need.

Ways to maximize space in a small NYC studio apartment

  • Declutter the place, surely you have some items you donít really need or use
  • Try minimalistic design
  • Furniture should be against a wall so you use every corner of the apartment
  • Use mirrors to make the place look bigger
  • Exposed leg furniture is great so you can add some boxes to store linens and such underneath
  • Make multiple levels Ė building a platform can make such a difference
  • Storage furniture is like we mentioned a great solution
  • Let natural light in, get rid of heavy drapes

Add furniture to the foot of your bed

You can use that space at the edge of your bed. When you start planning your studio apartment layout use that space for a desk or a couch. Whatever you need. This can also be a good spot for a bench but get one with the storage so you can store plenty of items there. Then you can heave extra seating space. If you are looking for reliable movers to help you out check out and make sure to visit their website as well.

Room divider

Room dividers come in all different shapes and sizes, so you can pick a style that matches your other dťcor that works best with your apartment. That way you can have some privacy and separate rooms in your studio apartment.

Custom Furniture

Sometimes the best furniture prices are the ones that fit your place perfectly. Think about what you need and call professionals to build you something that fits perfectly. When making custom furniture you get to choose every little detail. When buying something chances are not everything will match your aesthetic.

Things you can do to make your small NYC apartment look bigger and nicer without furniture

Giving walls a fresh coat of paint (use white color) will make the place look clean and nice. We already mentioned putting mirrors up and losing the heavy curtains. If you like them, you can get some light white ones.

Hiring interior designers

We mentioned this a few times but it is the best thing to do. Just like you need movers when you are relocating, you need designers if you are trying to find some new solutions for a small apartment. Make sure to find one that specializes in small apartments since furnishing a big house and finding a creative solution for small places is a whole different job. You need much more attention to detail and creative thinking. Donít worry finding one wonít be very hard. There is plenty of them available just waiting for you to call. So, pick up the phone and call the experts. This is an investment into your future.

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