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Best states on the East Coast for young entrepreneurs

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There are many great states on the East Coast for young entrepreneurs and professionals. Even digital nomads prefer East Coast. But, today we will be talking only about a select few. East Coast has a wide variety of options. Big cities? Many. A city with a beach? Check. History? Check. Amazing social scene? Yes, and chances are you are already aware of this. The best aspect is that the whole east coast is linked along I-95, making it easy for professionals to travel to different cities for weekend getaways, business excursions, or even just a day trip to view the sights by car or train. But which states (and cities) are the best option? You will need to keep reading to find that out. As a bonus, we will show you who can help you to move you, your family, and your business if needed once you decide on one state.

New York but there is more to New York than NYC

Often times when people say New York they think about New York City. We all agree that NYC might be the most spectacular city in the world and yes it is full of possibilities for entrepreneurs but there are also many issues with this city. Prices are incredibly high, competition is even higher and for some working and living there is not very comfortable. You should consider the home prices as well. Crime rates are pretty high (in some areas) and this can be a tough city overall. So, if you are looking to start your business in NYC, sure go for it this is one of the make-it-or-break-it places but before you do that consider other cities as well. Buffalo, for example, is the second biggest city in this state and if you are a real estate investor you should look into it. There are some great opportunities for you there. Yonkers can be a great place for entrepreneurs who are in the healthcare and medical equipment business. Albany (the capital city of New York) is also a very attractive place and you should look into it especially if you are in the food industry.

Maryland is our favorite

There is more to Maryland than its blue crabs from the Chesapeake Bay. This state has a very strong economy and that is one of the reasons why many international companies are here. Also, the location of Maryland is perfect. The close proximity to some of the big and popular cities in the USA is making it very convenient for businesses. This state is small-business friendly. Baltimore which is a major historic trading port is the most popular city in Maryland among entrepreneurs. This place is our favorite because it has a strong economy, it's a great place to start a business but also it's a great place to live, raise a family, and even retire. Somehow it seems like you can have it all here. All you need to do now is to find reliable movers who can help you with whatever you may need. Moving to a new state to start a business will not come easy. Luckily finding adequate help in Maryland is not hard.

Massachusetts might be the best state for entrepreneurs right now

According to the reports, Massachusetts is the greatest state in which to start a business due to the state's highly educated labor force and plenty of cutting-edge businesses. For the population of people aged 25 and up, 45% have a bachelor's degree or above. Earnings per job average $75,636 per year. Boston is currently the most popular city amongst entrepreneurs. Boston is in the top five cities in the United States in terms of venture investments, as well as the local startup community is aware of the chance we have to maintain our position as the nation's innovation leader. So, research Boston thoroughly and find some moving tips if you decide to move there. Pro-tip is to get real estate that needs some renovation and do it to get a much better price.

Now let's see Northern Virginia

Repeating its success from the previous year, Virginia topped the list of most business-friendly states in 2021. Virginia has also taken the crown in 2019 (twice), 2011 (twice), 2009, and 2007. Northern Virginia is a hub for startups due to its dynamic culture and plenty of ideas and innovation. This state is routinely rated as the best U.S. state in which to do business. In fact, CNBC has ranked Virginia as the third-best state in the United States where you can conduct business successfully. This is yet another place where you can have an amazing work-life balance. That's why you need to check it out and if you decide to start your business here make sure to turn to specialists to help you out. It's crucial to start your business right from the beginning.

Florida is so much more than a retirement state

Many people think that Florida is only for seniors. That couldn't be further from the truth. Florida is full of opportunities. In the last couple of decades, real estate businesses have been flourishing there. The state of Florida has a relatively favorable tax climate, which may contribute to the state's booming startup scene. In accordance with the Tax Institute, this state has the lowest personal income tax rate at zero percent, and the highest corporate tax rate in the country at 4.5 percent. That is attractive to most entrepreneurs. If you think that Miami is the hottest spot for businessmen - think again. Since 2018 Tampa is the place to go. If you go right now, you might be able to be there in time for Christmas. We showed you the states on the East Coast we think might be the best for you and now it's up to you to research them and see which one will be the best for you.

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