How Furniture Colors Affect our Mood 1

How Furniture Colors Affect our Mood

Colors play an important role in our lives. We see it everywhere even in our homes. Choosing furniture colors must be done with much caution as it can affect our mood. It also completes the whole look of our home.

Most of all, it affects our mood and emotions. Different feelings that can range from being happy, relax, peaceful to being sad, angry or anxiety can get deeper with the colors that we see. Evaluating what the various colors exude may help you decide the colors you need to have in the different rooms of your home.

Associated with peacefulness, calmness and tranquility is blue. This color can alter your mood which is good for your health. Blue helps to slow down blood pressure, heart and respiration rates. It also encourages you to be creative and prolific. Blue is likewise calming, cooling, airy, light and cultivates serenity and balance.

Representing sunshine, yellow brings forth happiness and liveliness. It alleviates your disposition as well as enhances attentiveness and increases metabolism. It upholds good health and communication when placed in the center of the home. It brings positive emotions such as calmness, peacefulness, content, mellow and joy. Babies were found to cry more often with too much yellow though. It also encourages irritation.

Fashionable and stylish is green. It signifies nature and new life. It has a relaxing effect and is said to enhance one’s sight because of the coolness it brings. Harmony, peace and new life are some of the good feelings that green exudes according to Feng Shui. A good color for couples who wanted to have a baby, it also brings good fortune when used in business.

Peace, purity and cleanliness are represented by white. It easily mixed with any colors and decorations. It can create spaciousness when used as an accent color. Some do not advise having white in the bedroom as it is synonymous to infertility. It also gives a clinical impression. White also brings in openness and clarity.

Red stands for passion and strong emotions. A bedroom with red furniture can create tension between couples that can result to arguments. It is nice to use this for office furniture, as it represents willpower and power. Other optimistic moods that red exudes are energy, romance and strength.

To bring harmony in the family, use orange. The color orange when used in business stands for low prices or discounts. To establish a cozy nook, use warm orange hues for your accents. Orange is energizing, glowing, fast-paced and exciting.

Brown stands for abundance, as it symbolizes the earth, trees and soil. A brown sofa creates a contented, warm and friendly atmosphere. Positive feelings like kindness and classiness are also established by the color brown.

Mystifying is the color black. Combining it with white and a darker tint of blue will establish a pastoral ambiance in your home. It also stands for professionalism and commitment.

Purple is always relative to healing. It is a good color to be used in the bathroom for it will help you to relax. To build concentration and creativity among your children, use this color in their room. Mix purple with grey in the office to create a more relaxing mood. Purple brings off concentration, free thinking and creativity.

With the emotions and moods that are created by colors, it is then necessary to decide the appropriate colors for each room of your home.

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